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How to prepare chinchin with pictures and procedures

Chinchin is one of the popular Nigerian snacks. It can be bake but the bake is not popular too much as that of fried one. You can be practise doing it for domestic purposes or for selling.


1. Flour

2. Sugar

3. Baking powder

4. Butter 

5. Nut Meg

6. Eggs

7. Vegetables


1. Knife or anyother form of cutting

2. Spoons and Stirrer, 

3. Bottle, Cutter, Bowls (metal or plastic)

4. Frying Pans

Amount of Ingredients required

3 cups of flour

1 teaspoon of baking powder

Little bit of nutmeg

2/3 of Liquid milk / water


1. Flour, Baking powder, Nutmeg are in powdering form, mix the three together without pouring water to it to avoid clotting

Note that: Atleast 2 cups of flour should be remained in order to use it in further processing.

2. Add Sugar to the powdering mixture, mix/store it normally and absorbably for the powdering mixture to be in the same powdering form.

N.B: Don't pour water to it yet

3. Smash eggs to one cup, stirr the eggs in that particular cup rhymelly to avoid clotting as I said in the other time.

4. Add small amount of butter to it, but the addition of butter depends on how much you want the taste to reach and for the butter to mix in the same form with the powdering mixtures.

N.B: Mix the butter very well to combine in the same proportion with the mixtures.

5. Pour small amount of water to the solution to avoid liquefaction.

Aim: Why do we pour small amount of water?

'to make the mixtures sticky (partially wet) because our objectives is to bake chinchin

6. After, the mixtures would have be in sticky, thicky form. Now the next step to take 

There are two methods in this step

Method 1: Lay the thick mixtures on a well clean plane material ( rectangular & square form), use the bottle to spread the surface of the mixtures. Expand it gently

Note: While spreading, you know I said earlier that 2 or 1cup of flour should be reserved. So, while expanding/spreading the mixtures with bottles. Just be adding a little flower slowly and continue spreading.

Method 2: some they have fryer and cutting machine to do all these processing. So you can used machine if available. But this is modern technical way is not all of the people can afford it.

7. Use knife to be cutting it into pieces or any form you want.

Now you can now set fire on stove, gas or any other form of cooking. Put the frying pan on the fire, pour the total amount of vegetables oil that will satisfy the reaction and fry it.

8. You can aim to sell it, find some white nylon/plastic materials, where you will use to sell it.

But with all these process I listed down, I know when someone want to do his/her process there are still more additional materials to use. But this is my own idea

Thanks for reading

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