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Many People Probably Didn't Know The English Names Of These Popular Nigerian Fruits

There were many things which we were misinformed about back in our elementary and primary school times.


For instance, there were some names of vegetables, crops and fruits our teachers wrongly taught us.

Today, i wish to enlighten you and let you know the Scientific and correct English names of some of these fruits

Many crops, fruits and vegetables which were originated in West Africa were mostly given a traditional name. Many of us probably did not know the English names of these popular fruits in Nigeria.

See some of the most popular fruits and their English or Scientific names.

1. Tiger nut

This fruit is popularly known as Aya in the North part of Nigeria and Ofio in the Southwest. The name "Tiger nut is gradually becoming popular amongst Nigerians though.

2. Black Velvet Tamarind

Black Velvet Tamarind fruit is widely known in Nigeria as Tsamiyar biri in Hausa, Icheku in Igbo and Awin (Yoruba) .

It is also known among youngsters as lickie lickie.

3. The African Star Apple

You would be more successful in finding this fruit in Nigeria if you call it agwaluma (Hausa), (Yoruba) or Udara (Igbo).

Some individuals also call it "African Cherry".

4. Tropical Almonds

This nutritious fruit is considered as “fruit” and can be seen in many parts of Southern Nigeria.

5. Baobab fruit

Baobab fruit is a nutritious edible fruit, and it seeds powder is utilized in foods because of its possible health benefits, Nutrients, and as a natural preservative.

It is mostly consumed in the northern part of Nigeria.

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