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23 year old man hawks corn meal "Agidi" on corporate dress (Videos)

Agidi is a popular breakfast meal in Nigeria. It is served in combination with other foods such as "akara" (fried bean cake), and soups, depending on what each individual desires. It is usually recommended for invalids or people just recovering from an illness. If you are also watching your weight, it also serves as substitute to many other local Nigerian meals. It is also recommended as a starter food for babies and could be enriched with milk and fruit puree before pouring into a mold or container to set.

Recently, a 23-year-old graduate was seen hawking the popular Nigerian meal on the streets. It was even more interesting because of what he was putting on; he was well dressed in a tie and jacket. This caught the attention of many persons. BBC Pidgin interviewed the young man who narrated how he started selling agidi and why he decided to use this strategy for his business.

See the link to the video here

You will agree with me that this is a very unique style by the young man. Not every young graduate will do this.

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