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4 Ingredients used in Making Banga Soup

Banga soup is a special delicacy popular served in southern Nigeria amongst the Niger Deltans - Ijaws, Benins, itsekiris, Urobhos and Isokos. This soup has a similar one eaten by the igbos called Ofe Akwu.

1. Banga (palm nuts)

The main ingredient used in making banga soup is banga itself. The Banga is boiled to make it soft enough so the juice will be extracted for the soup. This soup is best eaten with Starch.

2. Scent leaves/Bitter leaves

Scent leaves are added in banga soup to obtain a different and yummy aroma. This can be swapped with bitter leaves that has been dried and then it is crushed and sprayed in the soup.

3. Onions

Onions is also a great addition to Banga soup for extra taste and flavour.

4. Banga Spices

Banga soup also has it's own special spices made just for banga soup. The spices is a mixture of irugege, beletete, aridan etc. These spices gives it the unique taste and aroma banga soup is known for.

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