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5 fantastic types of cake you can make on your special days

Birthdays are special celebrations that are usually celebrated once in a year. When birthday comes, people normally count their blessings and look forward to blessed years ahead. Many people usually celebrate this great day by throwing big parties which involve cutting of cakes while others that did not do elaborate birthdays but also have cakes to show for it, either it is provided by themselves or presented by their loved ones. 

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As your birthdays or your loved ones days are approaching, it is a good idea to make delicious cakes so as to make the day memorable. All the cakes mentioned here can be baked for any occasions including birthdays. In this article, I will show you 5 yummy cakes you can make.

1. Sponge cake

This cake is very popular and widely used for birthdays and occasions. It is made by including a lot of eggs to make it fluffy instead of bicarbonate of soda. It is very delicious and easy to make for yourself and loved ones.

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2. Red velvet cake:

Oil can be used for this cake instead of butter. Most times, cocoa powder is also added to it with food coloring to give it the cake nice red colour. It is a delicious cake to try if you have not tasted it before.

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3. Fruit cake

According to its name, fruit cake is baked with assorted dried fruits and flavour, hence the name fruit cake.

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4. Rich chocolate cake

This type of cake is enriched with cocoa powder and many chocolate flavours.

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5. Butter cake

Many cakes can be called butter cake because the process involve mixing butter and sugar to form batter before other ingredients are added to it. 

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