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Stop Calling It "Suya", See What It Is Truly Called.

I am of the belief that virtually everyone of us in this country loves eating meat. Some of us love it being cooked, some love it when it is fried, while some enjoy it when it is roasted or smoked. Either of the ways stated above, it is unarguably true that we all love to eat meat.

However, there is this type of meat that is particularly popular and it is made by our northern brothers which is commonly and popularly referred to as "Suya". Here in this article, I would be telling us the correct English name for this meat and that is because I also just found out about it.

I can bet everything I have that virtually all of us (including you reading this article) has always called it Suya and that is because, we have always heard people call it so. However, because people rampantly calling it so doesn't make the word/name right, does it? This delicious type of meat is prepared by cutting it into pieces and then roasted and in addition, some people prefer to add pepper, onions, cabbage etc.

Without being told, we know that the sales of this particular type of meat is definitely one of the lucrative jobs for the northerners. Although, it is generally known as "Suya", but that is not the English name. However, like I have earlier said, this article is targeted to reveal the English name for this word.

The English name for this delicious type of meat is called "Kebab". Kebab is a dish of sliced/pieces of meat roasted on a skewer.

Now that you have learnt the English name, you can do well to enlighten others by sharing this article so as not to disgrace themselves if eventually they find themselves outside the Country.

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