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How to make your own sweet creamy yoghurt at home from scratch using two ingredients

To make any type of Yogurt, you need just two ingredient.

1)Any type of Milk

2)yogurt STARTER.

A starter is a carefully balanced blend of bacteria that coverts the lactose in milk to lactic Acid.

They contain live bacteria cultures that helps to teansform the milk to yogurt.

These are examples of the starter packs incase you are wondering what it looks like.

Don't be afraid I said Bacteria 😂

it's an healthy bacteria.. They are the type you should eat.

Step 1

You can use any type of Milk.. Fresh, evaporated, powder, anyone.

I'll also prefer you use the Full cream option for maximum result.

So put the liquid milk on fire & boil a little.

If you can't get the starter like I couldn't 😩

Just replace with any plain yogurt around. 

Check the ingredients.. It'll state that it contains Live or active Cultures.

It's like using Yogurt to make more yogurt 

Mix milk with a little quantity of the Yogurt or starter.

Mix with the warm milk and leave for hours(overnight preferably) to incubate.

You can store in a warm place like an oven, a warm food cooler.. Anything to keep it warm till it sets.After that, Chill & enjoyed it.

Happy Easter All🤗

Remember to stay safe

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