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Titus Fish: 6 Ways to Identify Original Titus Fish

Titus Fish: 6 Ways to Identify Original Titus Fish And Avoid Imposters. 

Titus Fish, is arguably one of the most popular Aquatic Food that is loved by Nigerians due to it unique take courtesy of the amount of oil in it.

Mackerel A.K.A Titus, go by different names, in the south west it is known as Eja Ice, Titus and sometimes Scumbia, while in the south east and south south it is also known as Scumbia or Titus.

Due to the high cost and demand for Titus fish, a substitute known as "Kampala" was introduced.

Kampala to an inexperienced Buyer looks like the popular Titus Fish.

In this article we would be outlining 6 ways to differentiate between Kampala and Titus.

1. The Size: What Kampala missed in taste it made up in size, Kampala are bigger than Titus( mackerel) and the also come cheaper than Mackerel.

2.Colour: Due to it high amount of oil makes it look lighter than your average Kampala.

3.The Head: The head of a mackerel is much smaller than that of Kampala.

4.Stripes: The stripes found on Titus are darker in as much as the colour of a Titus are lighter than that of a Kampala, the stripes are very dark.

5. The stomach region of a Mackerel is silver clear without markings, while that of a Kampala comes with a few dots.

6. Kampala has dotted lines while Mackerel comes with a wavy line. 

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