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Slim Ladies: Here is How To Be Slim Thick

Banana, groundnut ,milk and honey shake is the ideal home remedy for weight gain. If you are looking for ways to add weight in the right places while avoiding a big stomach, you should go for this shake. Bananas are rich in potassium and contains multivitamins, they are filling and help in boosting ones metabolic rate, thereby melting belly fats, so thus it is safe. 

Groundnut is known to contain high calories, they are tasty and packed with essential nutrients including healthy fats, since it is calories-dense it can lead to weight gain overtime if well combined with other high calories food. 

Milk, when added to a calories intake and which is greater than the amount you but, it add weight gain by helping you build muscle. 

Honey is high in sugar and calories, packing approximately 64 calories into a single table spoon. 

Banana has healthy carbs and calories, and when combined with other high calories food like groundnut and milk it leads to an increase in body calories this leading to weight gain. These ingredients provide you with healthy fats, protein, fibre, calcium vitamins and minerals. 

To make this shake you need the following :





And a Blender


The process involves you blending all the ingredients together, including the milk, peanut butter can be use in place of groundnut. Once the ingredients are blended, transfer it into a class and drink. 

Adequate sleep and rest should be taken for this to work effectively, result becomes visible after 2weeks, so consistency is key. 

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Banana Slim Ladies


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