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5 Incredible Benefits of Banana leaves

Since time immemorial Africans have used banana leaves in different ways, most common and known to a lot of people is the use of these leaves to wrap foods.

Find below 5 out of the many benefits of banana leaves.

Banana leaves picture.

1. Cure for heart palpitations.

Banana leaves works great for heart palpitations.

Boil some banana leaves (fresh or dried) with clean water for about 20 minutes. Take half glass cup of the water morning and night, you will get results in just a week.

2. Men's Sexual strength

Get dried banana leaves, grind it into powder form and take half table spoon with hot pap or water at least once daily.

3. As food wrap

Banana leaves can be used to wrap foods like pap ( eko in Yoruba, agidi in igbo), moimoi, e.t.c. Apart from preserving food's freshness, this leaf also gives the food some pleasant aroma.

4. Cure for Insomnia

People suffering from sleep deprivation can take the mixture as described in (1) above.

Ensure to warm it before taking and take like 2 hours before bedtime.

5. Beautification

Some countries in West Africa and even Hawaii use banana leaves as decorations of the body on very special occasions, even the environment to signal a very important activity.

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