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Do Not Ignore!: See The Foods You Should NEVER Ever Eat At Night That You Probably Have Been Eating

It has been said by experts that breakfast is the most important food you ought to eat, true. But most of us have neglected the fact that we also have to monitor the foods we eat at night so as not to jeopardize our health.

Today I'd be happy to give you some foods that you SHOULD not eat at night:

•Food with too much carbohydrate/ Starch:

You should avoid eating food items containing too many carbs, Starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes are not ideal for dinner time because they can lead to a rapid rise to the level of insulin in the blood which is not good for hypertensive people. They also end up storing fats in your body because of the energy not burnt up.

•Greasy And Fatty Foods

Greasy and fatty foods are also something you should never try to eat at night. This is because they are hard to digest.

•Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods at night should not be an option for you as it can result in heartburns, and indigestion, which are medical conditions you wouldn't want to have.


Chocolates contains caffeine which can cause real troubles in sleeping. This is because Caffeine is also linked with problems including restlessness, nervousness, nausea, stomach irritation, increased heart rate, amongst other things.

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