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3 Best And Healthiest Foods You Can Prepare With Beans.

Beans are one of the most healthy food products out there. People who eat beans can testify that it is packed with lots of amazing nutrients that provides numerous health benefits to the body. Beans is also one of the few foods that can be used to prepare a variety of different dishes which are all very tasty, delicious abd nutritious. In this article, I'll be telling you guys about 3 best and healthiest foods you can prepare with beans. See them below;

Beans cake or Akara. 

Beans cake, popularly known as "Akara" is a very popular Nigerian snack that has been in existence for years now. To make akara, you'll have to start by washing the beans and removing the bean coat. Then proceed to pounding the beans until its smooth before deep-frying in hot oil. Its a very long process but its worth it, especially because of how delicious it can be. Most people like to eat their beans cake or akara along with pap or bread and tea. 


Moi-moi is another Nigerian delicacy made from beans. It is a savory steamed beans pudding that is cooked till it becomes tick. If you ask many people what their favorite beans-made food is, they'd say its moi-moi, hands down, because this dish is magic itself. Moi-moi can be made with a variety of other incredible ingredients. Some people prefer to make theirs with cooked eggs, others fish, and others like it with corned beef. Either ways, moi-moi would still be very delicious as long as beans is involved.


Beans porridge is very easy to cook, unlike akara and moi-moi. And also you don't need a lot of ingredients to prepare it. That is why a lot of people are in love with porridge and can't stop eating it. Beans porridge is extremely delicious and nutritious to the body. It can be paired with bread, plantain and yam.

So which of these delicacies is your favorite beans-made food? Please tell us in the comment section below. Don't forget to like, share abd follow me for more.

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