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Meat: Types of meat and how you may eat them for healthy living

Meat have been described as rich source of protein, they are sometimes categorized based on the animal they belong to. Studies revealed that there are basically 3 types of meat which are red meat, white meat and processed meat.

Red meat

Red meat are flesh of eatable animals which are normally red in colour. They can be gotten from animals such as goat and cattle.

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White meat

 White meat are normally white in colour before and after cooking. Chicken and turkey are examples of white meat. 

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Processed meat

Processed meat are either white or red meat which has been refined for future use. The refined process can be drying, salting or other forms. Example of processed meat is dried meat. 

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Meat is a good source of protein and other important nutrients needed by the body. But studies revealed that excessive intake of some meat types are linked to various diseases such as diabetes, high weight and so on. However this article will review how you may eat meat for healthy living.

1. Reduce intake of processed meat

Studies revealed that processed meat are associated with many ailments more than unprocessed meat. It is advisable to eat fresh meat regularly than processed meat.

2. Eat more organ meats

It is believed that organ meats are more nutritious and good for human health.

3. Try seafoods such as fish, crayfish and crabs. 

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Source: Healthline

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