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Enjoy Your Sunday With These 30 Funny Memes & Pictures

The month of February is ending today (28th February, 2021). And there's no better way to end it than viewing some funny pictures, I will advise you to view these memes and share it because, the world needs more of these.

So, sit back relax and enjoy:

Boiled egg has more nutritional value than cooked egg,this is because cooked egg taste like fowl and boiled egg taste like chicken. The difference is in the taste and the taste is the difference. Join me same time tomorrow for more lesson on food and nutrition,I will be talking on boiled water and cooked water

When I have nothing to write but suddenly teacher looks at mePandemic or not, why do MF's stand so close behind you while you're waiting in the line?Its been said that victims of the Corona virus will turn to zombies after 75 days. Are you thinking what am thinking?

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