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When Cooking With 'Ugu' Here Are 2 Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Its Nutrients

The leaves of fluted pumpkin which is locally known as 'Ugu' is among the most popular leafy vegetables in Nigeria. A number of people would add it in foods for decoration and to bring the effect of vegetables but in real sense, it is blessed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Source: Hintnaija

The nutrients in 'Ugu' as well as those in other vegetables are vulnerable to heat. When cooking with these vegetables, most people are prone and used to making 2 mistakes that would have these nutrients vanish in whole or fraction. This article shall address them so you learn from it if you are among those who have been making such mistakes.

1. Cutting before washing.

Leaves when used in cooking are not usually poured straight into the pot. They are chopped into tiny pieces before having them added to foods. When cutting these leaves for food, it is advised to wash first before cutting.

The reason is, once you had it cut, the nutrients are immediately vulnerable and would instantly dispatch into the washing water as soon as you pour them in water thereby losing to water, nutrients meant for your food and body.

On the other hand, if you wash before cutting, when you cut it goes straight to your food. Even if the nutrients would wash away, they would enter directly inside your food. 

2. Overcooking.

Like I wrote earlier, vegetables are vulnerable to heat. Ones can easily see the color change when exposed to heat for a long time. The way it decolorized, so did it's vitamin evaporate. You don't want to eat the remains of vegetables whose nutrients are gone.

Here is a tip. Your vegetables should be the last thing you add in your pot and thereafter, do not allow it to spend much time on fire before bringing it down. By doing this, the nutrients shall be conserved.

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