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AWELE EKWUEKWE: The Traditional Igbo Charm Known as "Do As I Say"

There is no tribe that does not have a tradition and way of life. Every tribe or race has some cultures and traditions which makes them thrive and live through ages.

In Igboland, there are customs and traditions. There are gods, deities and shrines. It will also interest me to tell you that there are charms too. Charms that serve different purposes for different spiritual uses.

One of the popular charms in Igboland is "Awele Ekwuekwe". Awele is a charm which makes people to do as the person who owns it says and obey him. For one to do as you say without objections and obey all your command, Awele charm is the to go charm.

The Awele charm can not be dropped on the ground. It is not allowed to touch the ground for any reason. This is the reason why it is advised that the owner hangs it on a wall in his room. It should be hung on the wall very high beyond the reach of people. If a woman in her menstrual cycle touches it, it automatically becomes useless.

The Awele charm is always in powdered form. During its preparation, the owner is invited to have it for the ritual perfection or demand to receive it at his residence. If the owner comes to the shrine, the priest will have to mark with a new razor blade, four lines on his tongue and the spell will be inserted. The mark would also be made on his forehead, top toes and at the back of his palms. If he can’t visit the temple for any reason and have to order to receive it, he has to look for who is not "Ofeke", a spiritually ignorant person to do it. To know who is spiritually ignorant or not, the priest would have to consult the gods. The necessary details of the person must be provided.

Each time the owner has an assignment and wishes to use the Awele, he has to collect little from it and face the sun on barefoot. He says what he wants calling name of the person repeatedly. Afterwards, he licks a little and blows the rest on the sky facing the sun.

Once that is done, the person is advised to go and meet with who he needs the favor from to ask exactly that which he requested with his Awele before the goddess of the sun. The rule is "Ask and it shall be given unto you".

The Awele does not require any human or animal ritual or sacrifice for renewal once it has been done. It also forbids palm oil. One who wishes to use or in possession of Awele is warned not to eat food cooked with palm oil whenever he is set for a mission until he is done with the mission.

It can not work on an unnamed person unless the owner says his prayers otherwise. The more he uses it, the more effective it becomes. The Awele stops being active the moment the owner stops using them.


Note: The images I used are not exactly the pictorial representations of Awele. They are Igbo charms which I used to pass my message.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that a charm like this exists? Does it work?

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