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Don't Lose Your Husbands To Side-Chicks This Season, Cook These Nigerian Foods For Them And See

They said that the key to a man heard is his stomach. That means that if you have to gain favour from any man, you will have to give him a well cooked meal. The question is, how many wives are ready to cook good meal for their husbands these days, yet they complain daily that they no longer care for them.

Those who does care a bit about feeding their husbands would resort to processed foods: noodles, pasters and other junk. However, forgetting that every man wants to eat home cooked food to be happy. In helping those who may not know, we will be discussing home cooked Nigerian foods. Your husbands wouldn't have to look at the direction side chicks after reading this.

1. Akam and Moi-moi

This combination is mostly eaten as breakfast. They are both made from corn and beans respectively. The nutrition value of each can be increased with adding milk, soya beans shake, egg and fish.

2. Rice and Fried Plantation

This Nigerian food is a perfect combination. The rice is eaten with stew made from either carrot, tomatoes, or palm fruits ( banga or ofe akwu). Of course, it is garnished with enough meat or fish to complete the recipe.

3. The Nigerian Moi-moi

The Nigerian moi-moi is prepared by soaking beans in water and allowed to get turgid. After about 12 hours of soaking, the water is seived and bark pulled off and milled. After milling, the paste is carefully mixed with other basic ingredients which includes, salt, pepper, onions, oil, etc. The value can also be increased by adding egg and fish like it is in the image below. So, if protein is what you want for your family, Nigerian moi-moi got you covered.

4. Egusi Soup and Fufu

This combination is one of my favourites. It is the mother of all foods in especially in Southern Nigeria. The soup is made by grinding dried melon, mixed and cooked in a pot with other ingredients, including meat. Then fufu is made from fermentation of cassava, seived, cooked and pounded.

5. Ogbono and Eba

Ogbono soup is made from the seeds of a tree known as bush mango or simply ogbono tree. Then eba is also known as garri which is made from cassava. The difference between this one and fufu is that garri is pilled, milled, roasted and finally, prepared with hot water when cooled.

6. Yam and Garden Egg Sauce

This may sound strange, but that is why we are here to show you the type of food you haven't heard of. Go try this one and come back to thank me here

7. Okro Soup

Okro or Okra is one of the draw soups we savour a lot in Nigeria, it is prepared by slicing fresh okro fruits. It is mixed with basic soup ingredients including meat and fish to get a delicious soup. Okra soup is a good source of iron and lowers blood sugar.

8. Cooked Plantation With Vegetable Sauce

The other time we talk about fried plantains, right now, it cooked one. A lot of people may not have heard about this, however, here's the info for you. You can actually get the best out of this meal by giving it a try.

9. Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu

Banga soup or ofe akwu is popular in the Southeast and South-south Nigeria. However, the both regions prepare the soup in different ways. But in all, they are made by processing palm fruits and added with different ingredients while cooking.

10. Vegetable SoupVegetable Soup is known as Obe Efun in Yoruba, Edikaiko in Akwa Ibom and ofe Akwukwo Nri in Igbo. It is the combination of fluted-pumpkin leave, water-leaf and sometimes, scent leave. Vegetable soup is eaten with both fufu, eba, amala and tuwo. It's capable of making any man's mouth to water.

11. Catfish Pepper SoupPreparing stuffs like this for your husbands will always want to make him come home whenever he closes from work. It's even more effective when you serve him with a bottle or two of chilled beer. What else does he eat at Mama Franca's Bar if not stuffs like this.

12. Nsala SoupNsala Soup is a kind of soup prepared by pounding and mixng yam with other ingredients to make a soup. It's also known as white soup and its common with Anambra and Delta state. Nsala can be garnished with all types of meat and fish to make it a complete recipe.

13. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is basically prepared with meats, bowels, liver, skin otherwise known as kanda, kpomo or round about. It's garnished with native and natural spices, and better served with chilled beer.

14. Rice and Vegetable Stew.

15. Torso Pepper Soup

With meals like above, no man will like to stay away from home. He will always want to return home, even during lunch breaks, especially when you keep your nagging in the box most of the time. Start doing these and see if there won't be a drastic change.

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