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How I Make My Delicious Agidi At Home With This Easy Method.

Agidi is a delicious Nigerian delicacy enjoyed by a wide variety of Nigerians. It is a very light meal that can be eaten with akara, alone, or with any complement of your choice.

It is called Corn Jello in English and it's main ingredient is corn. It is mainly of two types based on how it is seasoned, these types are salt Agidi or sugar Agidi.

However, I prefer my Agidi salty so we would be using salt for this recipe. Using salt is also better as it prevents consumption of excess quantity of sugar.

It is also very good for digestion and has plenty fibre from the corn in it.

Making it requires very easy process that can be efficiently carried out at home and the time for preparation is very short.

I prefer learning all these recipes and making them at home as I am confident that my meal is being prepared in the most healthy and hygienic environment.

This also allows me to make use of appropriate, natural ingredients that will improve my health and provide me with the most nutrient from the meal.

Here I will be taking you through how I make my Agidi at home with this very easy method.

First Ingredients.

- 750ml of boiling water

- 4 cups of corn starch

- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

- Special Agidi leaves

You can decide to use sugar if that is what you prefer.

Now procedure

Step 1: Get a clean bowl and put your corn starch in it. Then mix the starch to a thick paste with clean cold water in the bowl.

Step 2: Add the boiling water, stirring all the time with preferably a wooden spatula.

Step 3: Add salt to the mixture and take to a saucepan. Cook in the sauce pan over very gentle heat, stirring with a long wooden spatula or turner until the mixture is cooked thoroughly. Add a little more water if necessary.

Step 4: When the Agidi is smooth and of a dropping consistency, wrap spoonfuls in prepared special Agidi leaves. Then leave your Agidi to cool.

Note: To prepare Agidi leaves, wash them and heat over smokeless cinders to make them pliable.

If you can not get the Agidi leaves, you can use plantain or banana leaves as substitute. In that case, cut them into squares before preparing them.

And that's it, your delicious Agidi is ready for consumption.

This meal is fresh, delicious and natural.

Please do try out this method and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions below.

Kindly leave your comments below.

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