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Women, Stop Giving Your Man Malt And Milk For Energy, Instead Prepare This Drink For Him

It is quite funny when I see some of the things people do believing that it works. Some people believe in some health hacks and tips, for instance taking malt and milk for energy. Some equally take it to supplement or boost their blood volume.

In as much as this is a quite popular practice, that doesn't mean that it works. Taking malt and milk won't give you more blood, energy maybe.

Malt and milk does not contain the much needed iron which is responsible for the formation of haemoglobin which supplies the body with blood.

Also, the amount of energy obtained from drinking malt and milk can't be compared to what this special drink would give you. It is called pineapple cream pie smoothie. It not only gives you a better taste than malt and milk but also it's much healthier. Pineapple contains important minerals and vitamins which help to rejuvenate the body. It also contains fibres which helps in digestion and bowel movement. It contains healthy carbohydrates that gives energy. Same goes for coconut milk. Below is the step by step process of how to prepare this drink. Prepare and give it not only to your man but also to all your family members.


1) One cup of fresh pineapple

2) One cup of coconut milk

3) One cup of coconut cream

4) I teaspoon of ginger

5) Two balls of lime

6) Cinnamon


1) Properly wash your pineapple and cut it smaller sizes

2) Wash your ginger, lime and pieces them too

3) Pour them into a fruit blender

4) Add your coconut cream and milk followed by your cinnamon which is optional

5) Then blend everything together

6) Sieve into a bowl and your pineapple cream pie smoothie is ready. You can chill the drink in the refrigerator if you wish.

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