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"This Madness Needs To Stop" See 15+ Photos Of Hilarious Cakes Ever Baked

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On this article, I will be showing you 15+ Photos of Hilarious Cakes ever baked.

I can't deny that creativity is good, but sometimes it gets out of hands. This Madness Needs To stop, some bakers now bake cakes to look like objects that are irritating. Although some cakes baked like objects looks good, but some are so disgusting.

This cake is very nice, it illustrates a crate of egg.

This cake illustrates a camera, kudos to the baker.This one is a bit nice, but it's some how.A cake shaped like a wood, this isn't nice.This is very creative. kudos to the baker.Now what is this, as for me, I can't eat this kind of cake o.Onion cake, tis is both creativity and madness.Nice, a cake shaped like a mug.Strawberry cake, so interesting.As for me, I can eat this kind of cake, a cake in form of a pig head.O my God, I won't dare eat this one, I will just vomit.Indeed this madness needs to stop. What is this.A cake that illustrates a bug, no way.How can someone bake this kind of cake??Just look at what I was saying, some bakers are taking this too far.Tissue cake, not too bad sha.This is indeed something else. Incredible.Generator cake, wonders Shall never end.Human cake, me I cannot eat this kind of cake .This one ehn, is something else.

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Hilarious Cakes


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