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Check out the Best Fruits for Weight Gain according to Health Nutritionists

Being overweight or underweight may affect one's confidence in the public, especially in relating with people. It's often common to see people trying to reduce overweight by going to gyms to work out, eating low fatty foods, and so on. But there are some others who feel they are underweight, so they consume all sorts of fatty foods to help them gain weight.

According to research carried out by health nutritionist, the following fruits listed below could help one gain weight in a little space of time:

No 1(Coconut Meat):

Coconut meat is the white edible flesh of coconuts. It is one of the best fruits which can help you gain weight. Coconut Meat is an energy-dense fruit which offers about 354 calories (raw coconut meat) per 100gms of serving size.

In addition, coconut contains much carbohydrates and fats, which can contribute to mass gain of weight.

No 2(Banana):

Bananas are one of the most healthiest fruits to increase weight. Bananas are calorie-dense fruits which offers 210 calories for a serving size of 2 bananas. Bananas are also very rich in carbohydrates, which can help you gain weight easily.

No 3(Pear: Avocado)

Avocados are like charms when it comes to weight gain. An Avocado contains about 322 calories, which makes it one of the best/ ideal weight gain fruits. Avocados are also high in fat content, having about 15gms of unsaturated fat per 100gms of serving size.

No 4(Mango):

Mango is one of the best fruits that will help you gain weight easily. A 100gms of serving size offers about 60 calories and 15gms of carbohydrates. Mangoes are considered to be low-energy-dense fruits, but eating the right quantity can help speed up one's weight gain process. In addition, with about 14gms of fruit sugars such as; glucose and sucrose, mangoes may even help to increase body fats as well.

No 5(Apple):

Apple is one fruit that assists in both weight loss and weight gain. The latter is what should be in consideration here. When apples are consumed in excess, the fibres in it makes you feel more hungry after sometime, allowing you to increase your intake of calories. Also, the fruit sugars present in apples can help you to gain some weight quickly.

No 6(Cashewnuts):

Cashewnuts are one of the dry fruits, which is popular for weight-gain. There are 553 calories contained in a 100gms serving size of Cashewnuts. Most of these calories comes from both fats and carbohydrates. They are also body building foods due to high quantity of protein present in them.

Additional, cashewnuts are rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron etc ., which make them good weight gain supplements.

No 7(Walnuts):Walnuts are also one of the dry fruits, which can increase one's weight. A 100gms serving size of walnuts offer 587 calories, along with 65gms of fats and 14gms of carbohydrates. They are also rich in fatty acids which contribute to weight gain when consumed in slightly higher quantities.

In addition, walnuts contain important minerals like magnesium and iron along with dietary fiber, which makes them ideal dry fruits for weight gain.

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