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How to make egg custard at home (check out recipes)

Being healthy requires proper care and good meals. Sometimes, we feel like moving from our daily habit of eating solid meals and fruits. The continuous habit of eating the same kind of meals could make a person less active most especially babies.

Egg custard is a nutritional dessert that is usually made with eggs, sugar and cream cooked together into a smooth bliss.


1. Whisk milk

2.sugar (depending on your taste)

3. One and half cup of cream or milk (Don't use heavy milk)

4. Vanilla Flavor

5. 3 Eggs (depending on the quantity)

6. Custard

Crack the eggs and whisk well in a bowl until it's blended. Add sugar into a bowl and whisk too.

Add the milk to the whisked egg and stir thoroughly to ensure smooth mixture.

Make sure you fill the pot you want to use for the custard with a glass of water or more depending on the size of the pot but ensure it isn't full .

Pour the whisked cream or milk into the prepared custard and put in a covered bowl . Heat up the sugar until it is a bit brown( be careful to avoid it being burnt)

Pour the heated sugar into the egg and custard mixture and add your vanilla flavour extract , Put the pot in high heat and put the custard (already garnished with the whisked cream and burnt suger) and let it steam for about 40 minutes. Open the pot and reduce the heat . Make sure the container or stainless plate is thick enough to be heated up in water.

Be careful when removing your container from the pot . Your egg custard is ready, garnish it with berries if you like and also design in you own way. Enjoy!

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