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4 reasons you should avoid roadside foods

Food is anything that is ingested through the mouth, for the nourishment of the body and repair of worn out tissues. It come in different forms but mostly solid, liquid and semi-solid forms.

Food can be processed through different methods like, frying with oil (example fried meat)or without oil(like in fried groundnut), baking, roasting ,boiling (like in boiled eggs), cooking, etc. Many people resort to different food preparation methods for many reasons.This article takes a look at the dangers associated with the consumption of roasted food(meat),especially those prepared and sold by the roadside.

There are so many dangers associated with consuming foods prepared and sold by the roadside, some of the dangers are

1. Poor hygiene: In some cases the location where this food is processed and prepared which is mostly by the roadside , isn't always clean enough as most of this foods are prepared and sold very close to drainages. 

2. Low food quality : The quality and the condition of the food before preparation cannot be acertained, as some of this foods (animals used ) prepared may have have been sick or even dead before being processed into food. 

3.Use of premature livestocks:In a bid to make quick money, animals that are not up to table size can be used for food by this people, who places profit making higher than safety of lives.

4. Presence of harmful substances:The smoke which accompanies the heat used in food preparations ,contain dangerous element like carcinogens , which has been proven to be very harmful to body, as it may cause cancer or heart related complications.

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