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Things You Should Not Do During An Interview.

You are welcome once again to my page. I wish to highlight some important errors that an interviewee should avoid so as not create wrong impressions that could mar opportunities of getting desired jobs.

These are the things you should not do during an interview.

Do not be informal in your dressing.

Do not put on revealing clothes, heavy make up, strong or unpleasant perfume.

Do not get to the venue late.

Do not be nervous,panic or fidget no matter how tense the atmosphere is.

Do not play games or get carried away with gadgets while waiting to be called.

Do not focus on things that are not related to your mission in the venue.

Do not look around the premises as if you are there to take a survey.

Do not frown even if you did not eat from home.

Do not leave your mobile phone on or pick a call, that is a total DON'T.

When you are called in, do not back your interviewers while closing the door.

Do not bang the door, closed it gently.

Do not sit until you are asked to sit.

Do not cross your legs or rest on your interviewers' table ( especially in a Nigeria setting)

Do not slouch on the sit.

Do not scratch your head when answering a question.

Do not interrupt your interviewers.

Do not speak or add a comment when your panels are having a discussion.

Do not give bad detail on your previous organisation or employer.

Do not tell them your personal future plans.

Do not argue with them.

Do not boast or get over confident, over confidence could ruin a lot.

Do not talk too much else, you may deviate from the question asked.

Do not act like you know it all.

Do not be too eager to answer a question. Allow the interviewer to express him/ herself to the end.

Do not be desperate or look pitiable.

Do not beg for the job.

Do not get angry if you get delayed, it may be part of the test to check the level of your patience.

At the end, do not taken an exit without an appreciation e.g thanks for the opportunity.

I hope these few tips would guide you and help you in achieving your aims in your future interviews. I wish you an outstanding performance.

You can add more tips that could come handy while preparing for an interview, kindly like, share and follow the page for more important updates. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: AjewoleEunice (via Opera News )


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