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20 Cool Photos Of American Ladies Handling Sophisticated Bow And Arrows

The word Archery, comes from a Latin word Arcus, which simply mean the art, practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. 

In the olden days, archery is widely used for hunting, and on a few occasions, wars. But today, archery is hardly used for hunting due to the introduction of guns. Archery are presently used as sports activity, where archers or bowman (participant of Archery sports) compete against the shooting accuracy of each other. 

This game was initially played by men only. But females have also join the game as they also demonstrate excellent skills in archery. 

During archery practice, the standard teaching method is to hold the bow based on your eye dominant (I.e the eye you best use for aiming). So if you are a right eye dominant, you will have to hold your bow using your left hand. And if you are a left eye dominant, you will have to hold your bow on your right hand while the left shoot the arrows. 

I've compiled 20 cool photos of female archers handling sophisticated bow and arrows around the world. Kindly go through them to amaze yourself.




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American Archery Arcus Latin


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