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How To Become A Video Creator And Earn Money Using Plotagon.

Plotagon is the best application which allows you to create animation for free. But the only problem plotagon user's have is that they can't sign in or sign up. Me too I'm also having the same problem. This app allows you to animate cartoon videos even though without signing in or signing up, but to have access to all the features you must sign up.

You can also animate a video and upload them on Youtube, this can earn you some money.

For those of us that's looking for a way to become a creator you are on the right place.

To download the plotagon story lunch into APK pure and you will find it there. I really loves the app but the only thing is that I can't sign up, for those who have more knowledge about signing up, please let's us know on the comment section.

You can also create your own character and make a cartoon animation for your self. To save your video scroll down and you will find where you can save it, you can either choose subtitle or without subtitle.

Please for does who have more knowledge about the game help us out on how to sign up.

To also know more about plotagon subscribe to my channel, this is my channel name,Frank Uwora.

Hello viwers if you have any questions ask me on the comment section.

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