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First 10 Marvel Comics Characters Ever Created

Like the DC Comics, the Marvel Comics Started pretty far back as the late 30s around the time of the golden age of comics. Here is a list of the ancestors of Marvel Comics.

#10. Black Marvel

Created in 1941, Dan Lyons was a contestant who sort to be a worthy successor to the chief of a native American tribe. He outran a deer,swam faster upstream than a salmon and did a couple of other stuff before his heroic days kicked on.

#9. Winter Soldier

Created in 1941, James Buchanan Barnes popularly known as Bukky. Originally introduced as the side kick of Captain America. The character is brought back from supposed death as the brainwashed assassin Winter Soldier.

#8. Captain America

Created in 1941, Steve Rogers Captain America was designed as a patriotic super-soldier who often fought the Axis power of WWll and was the most popular character during the wartime period.

#7. Vision

Created in 1940, Aarkus also known as the golden age of comics Vision was an Alien law enforcement officer from a dimension called Smokeworld. He was accidentally contacted by a scientist Markham Erickson.

#6. Toro

Created in 1940, Toro is the son of Fred Raymond,a young scientists who was working on flameproofing with asbestos. Longtime exposure ruined his health and when he later got married to Nora Jones,a scientist seriously ill from over exposure to radium in her experiment. The effect of their both mutated genes was seen in their son.

#5. Black Widow

Created in 1940, Claire Voyant was discovered unconscious and a drift a lifeboat, with no mermories of her past or name. She was later revealed to be Lyn Hall. Lyn had been touring with the USO when the ship was torpedoed by a U-BOAT.

#4. Phantom Reporter

Created in 1940, Dick Jones was Ex- All American fullback,ex-collegiate boxing, wrestling and fencing champ. He actually had three identies. Dick Jones; Reporter, Van Engen; Millionaire, and Phantom Reporter, Costumed Crime Fighter. He Put on a mask so that he could redress the wrongs he couldn't as a reporter.

#3. Sub-mariner

Created in 1939, Namor McKenzie the mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of the Mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis. He possesses superhuman strength and aquatic abilities of the Homo mermanus, as well as the mutant ability to fight.

#2. Angel

Created in 1939, Thomas Halloway, a Costumed detective with no superpower,he was among the first few heroes to not wear a mask. He later acquired a Cape of mercury which allows him to fly, but it was only used on special occasions.

#1. Human Torch

Created in 1939, The human torch was an Android created by Professor Phineas T. Horton in his lab in Brooklyn,for scientific purposes. Public outcry led to the torch being sealed in concrete, though he escaped due to crack that let oxygen deep in.

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