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AGULU: A Town in Anambra State where Crocodiles are Worshipped

Agulu, one of the biggest communities in Anambra state in the Eastern part of Nigeria is made up of twenty one Villages. Very big that it takes you minutes to drives past the community while driving through.

For the records, Agulu community is the community in Anambra state where the popular age long lake, popularly called Agulu Lake is located.

The Agulu Lake occupies a very large mass of land; draws the attention of motorists driving through it on the bridge.

True, the lake has in it numerous number of crocodiles which the Agulu indegenes believe be the god of their land. Agulu indegenes, in ancient times, believe that the crocodiles secures their boundaries and scares their enemies away from attacking them.

The crocodiles too are human friendly. They can hear human voices and keep to the instructions given to them by those humans.

In Agulu town, it is an abomination to kill the crocodile even in secret or in public as the spirit of the crocodile will torment you and make you live in abject poverty.

What do you think about this agelong tradition? Should it be abolished? Drop your comments. Like and share.

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