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18+ The Truth Behind The 2014 XXX Trojan Olympic Game (18+ images)

Recall that three short video clips Of a sex game called Trojan Olympic game went viral on the net in the year 2014, the clips featured "weightlift", "vault" and "judo", games in the form of sexual prowess that got people wondering if it is actually true.

Well, Here is the truth: everything was fake. It wasn't an Olympic game or any form of athlete. It was the US condom giant Trojan making its first foray into the UK market - which is dominated by its rival Durex - with a risque viral campaign based on the idea of a sex Olympics.

"This is the first time a major brand has decided to launch in a new territory using viral as its central campaign tool," Ed Robinson, The Viral Factory's creative director, said"

Even an event website ( was built around the virals that contains contents including fake news stories, medal rankings and picture galleries just to add to the illusion that the campaign was a genuine sporting event.

Below are some pictures from the game.

Warning (nudity-sexual content)

So what do you think? Is the sex in the said fake Trojan game also fake?

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