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One of the most heartbreaking story I have read(writeup)

This is the story of a guy who was left heartbroken by a girl.

Love is not pain, I knew it and I felt it

With you it was not gain, you just played your own game

I accepted you, befriended you, then you betrayed me. I never knew you will allow this love to defeat me, now you say you are sorry. Don't play with my heart.

This first part of the story makes us understand that the guy who was heart broken accepted and befriended his crush who betrayed him.

My head spins all round for you, like was I even a fool?

But I loved you and that was enough to spoil me, you called me when you felt like, like I didn't exist, wasn't I alright? Now you say you are sorry, Don't play with my heart.

He also explains this part of betrayal, that was he not enough for her, did he do anything wrong, what was it that was wrong with him.

All I wanted was to be with you, did you feel the same or were you with Johnny? Did he smell good or was I boring? I needed you but you said you didn't want me, now you are knocking thinking I will embrace you, now you say you are sorry. Don't play with my heart.

Now he surely regrets his actions and feels he has made a lot of mistakes and surely he is not going to accept her back.

Did he reject you or were you never his honey? Now I have seen mine and I am not searching, so if you are saying that I am for you and you think I will come running, you must be joking. Now you say you are sorry. Don't play with my heart.

Now he feels happy for her leaving and now things have become better for him.

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