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Which Kid Is Not A Vampire? Only A Genius Can Solve These Hard Tricky Riddles

I swear only the genius can solve these hard tricky riddles. If you can answer these tricky riddles, that means you are genius. Only 20 peoples to answer these tricky riddles will be awarded with #1000 airtime. Congratulations to those who win last time. Now it your turn.

Check it out.

(1)Solve this Riddle:

You can see a beautiful red house on your left and a mesmeric green house on your right, a warming and attractive pink house on your front. Then where is the white house?

(2)Solve this Riddle:

You are running in a 5000 mtr marathon race and you overcame the person in the second place. At what place you are?

(3)Solve this Riddle:

If 5 peacocks lay 10 eggs in 2 days, then how many peacocks will lay 100 eggs in 24 days?

(4)Solve this Riddle:

The one who makes it, sells it. The one who buys it, never uses it. The one that uses it never knows that he’s using it. What is it?

(5)Solve this Riddle:

If 5 men takes around 3 hours to dig 3 holes, how long will it take for 2 men to dig half a hole?

(6)Solve this Riddle:

Two girls played and completed 5 games of chess. Each of them won same number of games and there wasn’t any tie in any game. How did it happen?

(7)Solve this Riddle:

A farmer had 20 cows. Due to contagious disease, suddenly all but 11 cows died suddenly. How many cows does he now have?

(8)Solve this Riddle:

You can carry it everywhere you go, and it does not get heavy. What is it?

(9)Solve this Riddle:

What can be seen, but cannot be touched, and when put in a barrel, will make the barrel lighter?

(10)Solve this Riddle:

There are 50 horses and 50 kings riding along an old dirt road. They came to a peach tree with 50 peaches. Each took one, yet there were still 49 left. How is this possible?

Note: This is just a game and a competition, you can even win free #1000 airtime and above just to answer all these simples riddles.

If you want to win, you can even pass it to your friends by sharing. Just drop your answer and you are done.

Like, comment and share.

Thanks for participating.

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