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How Excessive Playing Of Video Games Can Ruin Your Life

Getting a video game like play station, Xbox or any other you find interesting isn't bad at all. In fact the world we know in 19th century is different from the one we know now, video games has taken much of every home games we know, so we find it pleasing playing VG but there are limitations to this because it can ruin your life if you spend more time with it. We all know that these games are very addictive and if it continues like that then the consequences are very bad.

The following are some of the consequences of spending much time with playing video games

It Can Lead To Stroke Or Seizure

Some game play like game of war will advise you before play that the game can lead to death or otherwise, such as stroke or seizure. This normally happens when you are addicted to such a game, playing day and night with little time of sleep or rest, then the brain starts to strain itself which can hinder blood circulation in every part which in turn lead to stroke or seizure.

Unbalanced Relationship

Gaming out your time is very bad when it leads to addiction, trust me it can cut off your relationship when you spend less time with your partner or the attentions you are giving is unlike you before you started playing, which can leads to breakup at the end but you will neglect the process because you still love playing the game but immediately you realize what has happened, life then tends to be unfair to such a person.

Poor Academics Results 

When it gets to addiction towards playing games tell me what else is important? Spending more time to read will be difficult especially when you stay alone with no one to advise you, a standby generator waiting if the light should cuts off then reading will therefore be an out dated story, before you know it, it's exam time. While you were busy playing games your friends were reading now it's time to face the tune, many people are out of school due to the fact that they can't keep with exams due to game addiction.

Unproductive Work Days 

While your colleague are planning on how to improve their team work with other staffs, reading and bringing up ideas, all you could think of at work is how you pray for light to be at home, how you will continue to play from where you stopped before coming to work, and immediately you gets back home puff you resumed back to playing, at the end such a person complains of being fired at work, you will now be blaming the village people for such a person's misfortune while it is because of addiction towards gaming.

The best thing to realize in life is that too much of everything is bad, balance your mind with nature, plan your gaming time and times you will be playing in a week, don't let it take over you.

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