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If You Didn’t Have this Kind of Fun During Your Childhood, Then We Are Definitely Not Mates

I really can’t remember when I had this kind of fun last; I guess if you also had a taste of this during your childhood then you would know how it feels. All those times when we play in the rain and risk being punished by our parents, even after being punished we still go back to doing what we were punished for.

To say the truth those moments were all fun and then we were so cheerful that nothing keeps us from having fun in a single day. I can remember that it’s during rowing of tyres we get to know new places; then we are usually in group rowing tyres all through different streets.

But what I notice is that as we grow up, we become less cheerful due to having much on our minds, but once in awhile remembering those moments and laughing it out is actually healthy. Let’s check out some of these moments am talking about and mind you, prepare to the surprised.

Remember this? Jumping from one box to another making sure our legs doesn't touch the lines. I can't remember when I did that last, it was really fun. Children nowadays don't have time for this, they rather be on Facebook or any other social media app, if only they realize the kind of fun we had then.

if am right I think we call this game Tinko Tinko. I'm not very good in this aspect but I still try my best.

I think this game is the one where you throw up small stone and pick another from the ground before the one in air touch the ground, catching both at the same time.

I can hardly forget this, it was one of the best fun we had then.

Playing in the rain; every kids love this, not even kids of nowadays can resist playing in the rain.

In this game; we hold one another and keep moving in circles, making us feel dizzy. It feels so good.

Rolling of tyres from one street to another. See how happy the kid in the picture is, believe me it's really fun then.

We don't always have time for this game but we play once in a while.

This sport is usually fun to us, imitating movies we watch especially Chinese movies.

If you remember this soccer then you're a legend. This was one of my best games then.

Remember using sand to create different things on the ground? Mostly, we do build a small house with sand those days.

I bet you didn't play this water game as well as I did, I remember playing it every single day.

I remember we keep blowing this whistle all afternoon till neighbours start seizing them from us, saying we are disturbing the peace of neighborhood with it.

If you had all this fun, then I bet your childhood was awesome.

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