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Aspiring corpers: Before you go for NYSC, you must see this

There are two kinds of people who set out for NYSC Orientation Camp – the ones who embrace the adventure, looking forward to the big events that’ll unfold, and the ones who are overwhelmed with the anxiety because they don’t know what to expect .

The anxiety that comes with going somewhere new is very relatable. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone, somewhere you’ve always known. It’s almost like the replay of that year you gained admission into the university right? You’re glad you got in but somehow weary about the subsequent turn of events.

You’ve probably heard alot of reports about the orientation camp saga and the NYSC scheme itself. Some of it sounds exciting while others are quite scary so you wonder why it’s even relevant in the first place.

We’ve met a few people who dread having to stay in camp for weeks with those you barely know. If you feel anxious about camping, it’s perfectly normal.

With things likes this it’s always easy to weigh the negatives over the good things that are likely to come out of it and we’re sure you’ve done a lot of that if you’re among the anxious fellows. So what we’ll do right now is factor in the positives.

It’s a mind game

Truth is, majority of the scenarios we play in our heads don’t even happen. The real experience is always completely different from projections within your mind. Look out for the surprise of the main event, you really might just be excited about it.



See this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, explore your capabilities, what you can handle and what you cannot. Like every adventure, the NYSC program is an avenue for you to test your strengths and weaknesses. You never know what you’re capable of until you’re met with situations where you have to take certain actions. So be ready to surprise yourself.

You get to discover more about yourself, and the world that you live in.


You may not be a social person but you still realise your need for people. The need to interact and form relationships. One thing about being in a new place among others is that most of you will have something in common – the fact that you are in a new environment, going through the same process. This is one basis to form great relationships that could be relevant long after your NYSC program. You really can’t tell where you could meet that friend you’ve always wished you had. So open up your mind to meeting amazing people.


There’s really so much experience teaches us. You can go from timid to superstar without even noticing. Why? Because you are learning. You’re gaining that exposure you need to thrive in a society like ours. There’s always something to learn through a process. If you see this as an opportunity you learn, it’ll help you develop a more positive attitude even on those days when you don’t feel excited about the program anymore. Your willingness to learn keeps you going.


you also get the opportunity to impact people in the community you would be sent to. If you carry out a personal CDS(community development service) project, you stand the chance of winning a state or national award.

Don't just serve to collect allawee and certificate, serve to impact people.

Before the process

Here’s one thing you should set yourself up for before you go out there. Have an expectation, have a mental picture of what you want this experience to be for you. It can only happen once in your lifetime so instead of dreading, look forward to it with more positive mindset and open yourself up to the possibility of having that silent adventure you always craved.

Go out there and make every moment count!

But remember, we only serve ourselves when we serve others!

Also, take a look at what this corper did, he built a house for a widow!!! - so touching.

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