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"When you want to be a mechanic" and 17 Funny Memes and Hilarious Replies

To round up the week that must have been interesting, memes are ready to set you into that laughing position. Memes are made to give directions or pass a message in an hilarious manner. Here are the pictures that will make your day.

This first one shows the way children do wait for their mum to select what to wear. Failure to comply with mum's instructions can lead to tough times or beating which I'm sure you can relate with.

Career selection is important and the meme below proves that. The boy is interested in mechanical engineering but the father forced him to do computer science engineering. The funny meme below shows a blend of both knowledge.

The meme above is quite simple. It shows the increasing complexity of people's phone lock in relation to their relationship status. This can be painful. Playing a game that you hope will result into your bonding while she sends you away. You feel like a big military man they just sent away like a baby. The meme above require patience and understanding. Carefully examine the words then reason. Being late is not good and that is what is depicted in the funny meme below. The picture shows a man forcing himself through the gate. There are more interesting memes for you to explore below. Kindly follow page and like post when done. You can also state your views at the appropriate section.

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