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These 12 FACTS Sound False But, They're 100% Correct.

The world is truly full of mysterious things because the more you dig into a puzzling subject, the more the questions you have about the subject. An example of a very correct fact that may sound false is- did you know that if you leave up to 70years of age, you will have lived through 10years of Mondays? This facts simply show that we know little about about the world.

So below is a compilation of twelve (12) facts that sound very untrue but are 100 percent correct.

1. Did you know that of all the living things on planet earth, just human beings pay money to live?

2. It would interest you to know that in Sweden, allowance are paid to Swedish students for attending classes.

3. Many of us played this game without finishing. But did you know that "TETRIS" has an end? Check the picture below.

4. It is a fact that the Space isn't without life and empty. In reality it contains everything.

5. Did you know that all a hacker needs to unlock your phone's fingerprint lock is the phone's back cover

6. In Neptune, summer occured for 40years. However, the temperature in Neptune is -346 degree Fahrenheit.

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7. Did you know that assuming the human eye was a photograph camera, it's resolution would be around 575 megapixel?

8. It would interest you to know that our tummy perceive any potato as a mashed one.

9. Did you know that any month that begins with a Sunday will always have Friday on the 13th day if the month?

10. Babies can swallow and breathe simultaneously until they're six or seven months old. I can it their superpowers because adults can't do that.

11. This a view of a volcanic eruption from space.

12. Did you know that the tallest waterfall on earth, Angel falls, in Venezuela has an height of 3,212ft?

Thanks for reading.

So, which of this facts do you still find difficult time believe? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section.

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