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Ever Wondered Why 1st April is Called April Fool's Day? See Why

April Fool's Day which is always celebrated in different countries on 1st April every year. It includes playing jokes,tricks,pranks on other people and player of the joke reveals their actions by shouting April fool.

Maybe you have ever wonder why the first day in April is called April Fool's day, though the true origin remain unknown and probably lost to history, but of course different theories abound.

Here is an interesting historical fact, just take a look at the calendar for the month of September, 1752. Go to Google type 'September 1752' and you will see for yourself. You will notice 11 days are missing from the month.

Here's the explanation. This was the month in which England shifted from the Roman Julian Calendar to the Gregorian calendar. A Julian year is 11 days longer than the Gregorian year. So the king of England ordered that 11 days be wiped of from that particular month.

In the Roman Julian calendar year, April used to be the first month of the year but the Gregorian calendar observe January as the first month of the year. After shifting the calendar many people refused to give up old traditions I'm continuing to celebrate April 1st as New Year's Day. When simple order did not work the King ordered a royal dictum which stated that those who celebrated April 1st as New Year's Day would be labeled as Fool's. From then on April 1st became April fool's day.

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