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Fact's You Need To Know About Avengers End Game.

Avengers End Game ended with lot of questions unanswered.

1. Why could Captain American lift and summons the Mjölnir but could not in age of ultron?

2. Why was Thanos without infinity stone stronger than Thanos with ifinity stone?

3. Why could Thanos lift the storm breaker?

4. What's the time theory all about?

1. Captain America lifts the Mjölnir.

As noted in Thor, it is only those worthy who could lift the hammer. Being worthy means you have to be excessively good and have a good heart, and few people possess that attribute.

Even the all powerful hulk could not lift it.

We also see captain America not able to lift the hammer in ages of autron but summoning it in end game.

How was that possible?

Captain America was able to move it a little during ages of autron, we could see Thor feeling nervous in the movie.

That explains it all, if a person is not worthy, he can't move it an inch. Hulk, Iron Man and even Looki was unable to move it an inch.

Then why couldn't Captain America pick it up?

According to the director, he didn't pick it cause he don't want to make his friend sad.

And that's why he didn't think twice before summoning it in end game, and we could see Thor saying I knew it. So Thor and cap America kept that a secret.

2.Thanos without infinity stone.

In the infinity war. Thanos was able to acquire all 5 infinity Stones but couldn't face Thor in battle. It also took him time to defet Iron Man squad.

But he beats them easily in End Game, with no infinity stone.

Why was it so.

1. He focused much on the infinity Stones when fighting in infinity war. Thanos has physical strength and Technics.

We could see how he defeated the all powerful hulk in seconds in infinity war.

When he stopped using the stone we could see how he almost killed Iron Man before Strange hands over the stone.

2. End Game also featured a young and angry Thanos who don't care about anything but only destruction.

3. Lastly Doctor Strange did not join in the fight against Thanos in end game. Thanos could only combat doctor strange magic with the infinity stone as seen in infinity war.

Thanos lifts the storm breaker.

Unlike the mojir, there was no cursed on the storm breaker, so vividly everyone could lift it.

Time theory.

End game featured a time theory different from what we had already know.

Things that makes it different.

In other time theory the past affect the future, but in this time theory everything stands alone. The past is it own world different from the future.

Even if a person should change anything in the past, the future remains the same.

So if a person is killed on birth in the past. It creates a whole new future while the normal future remains the same.

So in this time theory nothing can be changed. You could only form a new future. But the old future remains the same.

We could see that when captain America went to the past to return the infinity stone.

He stayed there till old age and return to the very time he left, with no harm on the timeline.

Please if you are confused, drop your question, I will get to you.

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