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You Can Never Stop Playing Once You Start- See the World most Terrifying Video game ever known.

As the world advances so as video game creators additionally adjust to the progression s involved and also, they keep creating fresh content in other to adapt to this changes.

Video games are good for your health and mostly to the kids also.

Below are it health benefits.

Relieve stress

Calm your mind

Make you feel relaxed etc.

In response to that, the internet has done alot of incredible effects to the world and yet has it own negative side of it, for the most part on Teenagers and children. 

I announce to you the world most terrifying Video game responsible for the passing of numerous players, and was actually restricted because of it's dread it has cause to individuals who winds up playing it.

The Blue whale game.

This isn't a normal game but also a disaster.

This game was responsible for the demise of a 19 years old girl, who died during the process of playing this video game titled "Blue Whale". 

Before her passing she cites 

"When You Enter, You Can Never Exit".

The 19 years old victim was a college student of mudirai college and named Vignesh.

When playing this game, it gives the players a feeling of rush without realizing the consequences and mostly common among teenagers.

How does it work. 

The players will be given a task to finish before 50 days time intervals and toward its finish, they will be compelled to kill themselves. 

Because of the numerous quantities of death in Russia, the game was prohibited.

Research was done according to gulfnews

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