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Why Writers Should Never Use Clickbait Headlines

As a writer, the title of your article, blog or news story is important, almost as important as the content itself. This is because the title is the first thing a reader sees, and it's what decides whether or not they’re going to read what you have to say.

A good and catchy title will draw readers to look into the content but a dull one could turn them away. After all what good is your article if no one reads it.

Honestly, this is a lot of pressure for writers, and it’s one of the reasons why so many writers and bloggers have taken the easy way out by turning to clickbait titles that they know will entice readers.

But, while this may appear to be a good idea, clickbait titles are actually bad and will have a serious effect on a writer in the long run.

What is clickbait?

Clickbait is a term used to refer to an online content primarily structures to attract attention and possibly encourage users to click on a link to a story by giving misleading and exaggerated titles or miraculous promises.

These stories dangle a vague title that promises interesting details to readers, but never actually deliver on that promise.

"7 ways to make one million in a day. Number 5 will surprise you"

"Amazing!!! See what this man is doing to his car"

Both of the above headlines uses mystery and suspense to lure you in. They imply that, behind the intriguing title, is a must-read article that will blow your mind.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make 1million in a day? Or see what "amazing" things a person is doing to his car?

The annoying part is, if you were to actually read these stories, you’ll find that the article does not live up to the over- hyped title.

Some writers have mastered the art of clickbait headlines that they can make ordinary events sound like the best thing that has happen to humanity.

This is the idea behind clickbait: intentionally vague and over the top headlines that will never deliver what you think they will. 

Why Clickbaiting is bad.

You will loose the people's trust.

Clickbait basically tricks people into thinking they’re going to read something amazing and then gives them the opposite. When your title doesn't live up to to the content, your readers feel disappointed and cheated. If you constantly uses clickbait titles, people will eventually stop reading your articles.

Your articles will not be respected.

Clickbait makes you loose respect from readers because when you constantly use such titles, most readers will start seeing through your tricks. They will think you are an amateur and therefore not worth their time.

It is unprofessional.

I know some of us here are not professional writers but at least we should show some level of honesty and professionalism when writing for public consumption. All these junk and clickbaits makes this platform look bad there by damaging it's reputation.

I am happy that Opera News Hub are doing their best to address this issue. Moreover, clickbait has lost its touch among audience members. Serious readers are now careful with bait headlines so most times first timers are the victims, so why not focus your energy on a catchy title Instead.

Remember: if the title promises more than it can deliver, you’re just clickbaiting readers.

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