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9 Mature And Flirty Games You Can Play With Her At Night

Chatting and texting have become part of human life now. As a matter of fact, the average individual spends more than quarter of his/her time on the phone.

And maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend is not close to you. How do you keep the relationship fun and interesting. The truth is that not many relationships can endure long distances. And it takes more than being committed to keep the love strong.

How about checking out some fun activities you both can be doing online that could keep the relationship fun and interesting? In this article, I have penned down 9 mature and fun texting games you can play with your spouse.

They are very easy and do not need any special skill or attention. All you need is your mobile phone and your partner to be online while you're at it. Also, it is best played at night when you have no other activity.

Top 9 Mature Texting games you can play at night:

1. Kiss, Marry, Kill: This game is a classic fun. Tease your partner with which celebrity, musician, footballer she would kiss, marry or kill.

For instance, Wizkid, Ramsey Noah and Alex Iwobi? You could even add the name of a friend you think your partner might be admiring secretly to know what she might do to him. But do take note that it's just a game, so don't take anything personal.

2. 20 Questions: In this game, one of you pick a topic and the other asks 20 questions relates to the topic you chose.

If you both are competitive you can make the game tougher. But do make sure neither of you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day, because this game can be time consuming.

3. Funny picture challenge: This one is very funny if you understand how it works. You both take turns in selecting a topic, then the other finds a funny or hilarious photo of that particular topic.

Say for instance, you pick a celebrity. Your partner can find a funny meme about that celebrity. Just broaden your scope with this one and it will be fun.

4. Guess the lyric/line: You both need to be music or movie lovers to play this one. One of you starts by saying a popular phrase or line in a movie and the other says the name of the movie. Or you begin a song lyrics and pause half way for the other to complete it.

5. Name trivia challenge: This is similar to what we played back then in secondary school. All you need do is select a topic and then each of you go back and forth in bringing out names in that topic.

For instance, you pick Nigerian actors and you both name the ones you know till one of you fails or gives up.

6. Truth or Dare: Another classic game. I don't need to tutor you on how to play this game. It's very simple.

You ask your partner to chose between truth or dare. If she chooses a truth, then you ask her a question and she has to tell you the truth. If she chooses dare, you could dare her to do something difficult.

You are free to take this game to another level if you known what I mean. I'm sure you do.

7. Would you rather...: This game needs you to be very witty. You have to conjure up two ironic and difficult things and ask your partner to chose.

For instance, would you rather be a famous celebrity with one hand or be a genius scientist who is not good looking at all?

You get the drift?

8. Be your muses: This is also simple. All you need do is start a sentence and allow your partner finish it up. Make it fun by telling a story and see if your partner can join you in the same story line. You can make it flirty if you want too.

9. Q & A: This is just merely asking questions and waiting for an answer from your partner. Your questions should be narrowed towards knowing more about your partner. You can make it fun by asking deep questions, but be careful not to touch any area your partner does not want to converse on.

How do you see these games? Why not try them out tonight and keep your relationship fun.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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