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Games that would increase your IQ

Smart people love playing lot of educative and mind blowing games and I guess that you are one of them if you are not, then develop an habit to. Below are some games that would just increase your IQ if you play them at least once a week.

1. Chess: This game is very good especially for those that are very willingly to develop their IQ with a high speed rate. It is usually advisable to play it without reversing the steps for more experience and for your IQ increase rate to become faster.

2. Soduku: This game is good as it make you to be good in your addition and probably increases your Mathematics and Puzzle solving abilities.

3. Scrabble: As most people knows, it is good for people that want to be good in English and remember that no matter how small it is, it will surely add to your IQ. It does almost the same job with soduku and mathable only that it is inclined in English but also make people to think outside the box.

4. Mathable: This game makes people to be good mathematicians and have almost the same characteristics with the others.

Note: Some of the games above can actually fetch you money if you engage in the competition.

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