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This Brain Teaser Will Cost You Ten Minutes To Understand

Apart from keeping our memories sharp at all times, there are still some things riddles and jokes do for us. If you are poor, it will give you sense a sense of belonging to the society that we live in.

Like football, solving riddles is another interesting game that keeps us worm at all times. When you are addicted to them, you will find it hard to stop playing them.

I know that the purpose of reading this post is to solve my impregnable brain teaser which you you will be looking at in some seconds to go.

To solve this particular brain teaser, do the following :

1) Drink your water of knowledge : I know you are very good at solving riddles but you must think well for this one.

2) Be patience :If you lack patience, forget it : you can not solve it.

3) Focus: you goal is to solve and interpret the meme, be focused.

4) Be Optimistic: you are going to interpret it.

5) Ready To Face Challenges : it will hard but you will interpret it.

6) Do Not Quit: don't give up.

Interpret the meme and write your answer in the comment box.

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