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5 great things I've learnt from being a writer for Opera News Hub

I'm still a newbie here, don't get it twsited. But these few days I've spent on this platform, there is so much I've already noted down, there is so much value already added to my mental library and new ways I'm thinking differently.

Here are 5 great things I've learned from this platform that will definitely help me in my journey through life as a writer.

1. Stepping out of my comfort zone.

I've been more of a journal keeper, writing down real life happenings have been the basic theme of my written pieces. But coming to Opera, I find myself expanding my thoughts, trying new areas to write on (even if I don't feel exactly confident about them), I find myself creating new ideas to write about outside my life story.

2. Resilience

I haven't exactly been one to handle rejections well, but it's all changing here. Although most of my articles were published, some where rejected at first too, but then I find myself going through them again thoroughly; not feeling a drop in my motivation as a result of being rejected, instead finding out how I can make the next piece better and suitable for publication.

3. Diversifying

As earlier noted, with opera you're given a chance to write about absolutely anything. You find yourself competing with other worthy creators to bring something beautiful to the table. You leave your shadow behind and embrace creativity to it's maximum!

4. Minding rules

I remember, I used to write carelessly. I never minded rules, I was never worried about grammatical errors or construction, I was never bothered about how appropriate my titles are, but now I know better. Even in life generally, rules are meant to be followed for efficiency of all parties involved!

5. Having a voice.

Before, whenever I open my opera app, I used to wonder who those people are that do post news and stuffs on the site, now I've became one of them! This automatically gave me a voice, gave me a chance to speak and be heard, gave me a chance to reach out to the world too, to be part of the news hub crew.

There is a lot I believe I stand to gain from being a creator, other than perhaps what I may get monetarily, there are priceless other things I stand to gain from being part of this platform and I'm completely open to all the great things to come, God-willing.

What ways do you feel being a creator have affected you positively? Share them and don't forget to click the "Follow" icon.

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