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Game Of Thrones: This Is How The Dragon Effect Was Shot.

Cinema continue to develop and amaze us with amazing films with lots of several effects. Today, graphic effects in movies is in such a high level that it is almost impossible to distinguish computer generated imagery from a real shot. 

More and more movies includes Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) that made us often wonder how those impossible effects where shot. 

Today, I will be sharing with you how the special dragon effect was shot during the popular game of thrones series.

Behind the Scenes of Daenerys Targaryen Dragon in Game of Thrones 

The developers used several technical tricks in the recording set to give us the viewers the visual of a real dragons. All the shots from behind the dragon were made with the help of special cameras mounted on cables and drones. After which the dragon was added to the scene.

Daenerys Targaryen was made to ride a machine that creates a special effect as if she was actually flying a dragon.

Most of the scenes where shot on a green background which gave the developers the ability to simulate almost anything they wish to display in the background around the actors.

Therefore, when you see Daenerys riding a dragon in the movie, this was the machine she was actually riding behind the scene. 

In episode 7 of season 6, remember when Daenerys went to save John Snow and his team on a small island in the middle of a frozen lake? This big green machine was used to give that simulation.

Also, that scene where John Snow gets to touch the biggest dragon, he was actually touching a piece of blue stone behind the scene. 

That's All I have for today. Hope you enjoy this piece. 

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