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Top 5 Best Gamer In The World 2020


He is from an Indian race but was born in the United States of America on October 11, 1989, and has a unique style of gaming. He is currently still working as a gamer per time and per excellence, and he is often regarded as UNiVeRsE and due to his verse range and area of staking he has remained tremendous and topping the list on the whole universe.

He is also the highest-paid gamer in the world which makes him top this list of world gamers.

2. Peter “ppd” Dager

Peter Dager was known as ‘ppd'(“peterpandam”) in the gaming world. Another player from Evil geniuses(CEO of the eSports organization Evil Geniuses) and he is playing Dota:2. Previously he played for WanteD, Stay Free & Super Strong Dinosaurs. His annual income of $2 Million USD comes from his captainship at Evil Geniuses.

In addition, he is the winner of the 2014 Electronic Sports Prime / Shock Therapy Cup, ESL One New York & World E-sport Championships where he won the professional video gamer’s prestige and attracted the attention of the video games industry worldwide.

3. Preston Arsement

Earnings: $14 million.

Preston Blaine Arsement is a Youtuber who is mostly known for his prank videos and Minecraft, Roblox gameplay. Needless to say how big the fan base of Minecraft is, and most of them are kids, who have nothing but time in their life. His income mostly came from his main Youtube channel Preston, which is now having 12 million subscribers and it made him one of the richest gamers in the world . Other than the main channel he also has 5 other channels for different content.


He was born on March 6 in 1990 and is a professional player from Tartu. He is part of a team called Team Secret is helped to establish the team with someone else. He is a captain and is said to be the best of the best.

His winnings and good looks have helped him to form a pleasant and comfortable environment around himself.

Some of his won tournaments include;

The International 2011

The Premier League Season 1

Electronics Sports World cup in 2011,

Techlabs Cup 2012 and a whole lot of other tournaments.

5.Zhang “xioa8” Ning

 Earned $1,662,202.73| 44 tournaments

Zhang Ning is the captain of the Newbee team that won last year’s Seattle “Dota 2” TI4 Grand Finals. He used to play for Young, Big God & for LGD. Forever. Once upon a time, his team moved to Invictus Gaming with a $6 million dollar contract that was the full debacle. Currently, Ning has been able to bring in $1 million per year with the help of other team members.

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