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Good Spider-Man games you can play with PPSSPP (PSP Emulators) on your phones

Good Spider-Man games you can play with PPSSPP (PSP Emulators) on your phones

Spider-Man is the favorite heroes of many, loved for his agility, web swinging abilities and his ability to climb walls. It is no longer news that PlayStation featured Spider-Man Miles Morales to be playable on PS5, but what of the fans that are itching to try out a Spider-Man game, but still don't have what it takes to get a good one yet.

The truth is that there are a lot of Spider-Man games that are available in App Stores, but there can be some things that are annoying about them; they are either poor mockups or purely online. These issues has certainly drawn back some Nigerians away from playing Spider-Man games on their phones and I totally understand that. The very essence of this article is to bring a solution to that.

Lovers of PSP emulators and Spider-Man fans, prepare to be amazed as we have gathered some of the best Spider-Man PSP games the console has to offer, with download links. An advantage that the use of PSP emulators have over other games is that it contains games with decent graphics in today's standards while being totally offline!

Note: In order to play PSP games on an Android device, you need a PSP emulator (preferably PPSSPP) and an archiver (preferably ZArchiver). Getting them is not stressful since you can simply download it from Google Play Store.

If you have these requirements, you are ready to play as many PSP games as you like. Let's not digress into another topic and get started:

1. Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

This is a beat em' up game that is based on the original characters of the main movie's characters and some other heroes in the Marvel Universe. The storyline is a strange compilation and shift of the original one, involving several scenarios where you would have to team up with some of Spider-Man's greatest villains line Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin and even Venom. The controls of the game are easy to understand and it moves smoothly on almost any phone.

2.Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

This is also a beat em' up game that is based on the original characters in the main movie and some in the Marvel Universe. It follows a very twisted storyline where Venom's DNA has been used by one of Spider-Man's sworn enemies in order to turn people into bloodthirsty monsters. The game involves you building your reputation by taking or rejecting quests, giving nice or awful comments in order to state how the game will end in overall. I think saying more than this will make the game boring, right?

The controls of the game are very understandable, but the graphics can get difficult to work with on some phones because it is demanding. I played the game with a phone that ran a Snapdragon 450 processor, but I could feel game lagging more than any game I have ever played before. You have to be careful if your phone is powerful before downloading this.

3. Spider-Man 2

A beat em' up game with the storyline that follows the original movie; Spider-Man 2 precisely, from Peter Parker having issues with switching between his normal life and his superhero work, to defeating Doctor Octopus. I do not think I have to tell you the storyline of this game, especially if you are a big fan of the web swinger. The controls of the game are manageable once you get it and it also comes with decent graphics.

4.Spider-Man 3

It is very similar to the Spider-Man 2 game, but has a lot of refinement and drastic improvement in the overall body of the game. It directly follows the storyline of the Spider-Man 3 movie, so fans should not worry. The controls are decent, but there is a major issue the game has; problematic graphic quality. I would use the word 'problematic' because the game has been found to crash numerous times in many phones. It appears that only selected phones can play this. In a minimum, I would recommend a smartphone that is using an Helio P70 and higher or a Snapdragon 700 series and higher with at least 4GB of RAM to play the game. There are still chances that the game might crash, but the possibility is still low. A phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 that runs the Snapdragon 845 has more chances.

If however, your phone can run the game smoothly, you are certainly in for a treat.

These games will not give you an experience you would have earned if you had played them with a PS5 console, but they are decent games that are most certainly worth checking out. Anyways, stay safe and play safe, everyone.

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