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"Remember the boy born without Legs and Arms"-See some of his lovely pictures

Good evening everyone,how was your day hope you had a good and delightful day,we all know God has his own ways of doing things and we (humanity) can't explain it,meet the boy born without Legs and arms who uses his mouth to write and unwrap sweets.

Born without arms and legs, Tiyo Satrio, from Penawangan village, West Java, Indonesia, could be forgiven for having little to smile about. But instead the 11-year-old's upbeat nature and infectious laugh make him a class favourite with fellow pupils and teachers alike.

Tiyo Satrio has learned to keep himself happy by playing games on his Playstation as he uses his chin to operate the control pad,every day he plays.

Although sometimes he needs help to get dressed and move around, he is so good at writing with a pen in his mouth, he has kept up with his classmates.

Tiyo have four grown-up siblings,but they all live in other areas so can't pitch in.

Although Tiyo has worked so hard to be able to do a lot of things by himself like playing computer games and unwrapping sweets with his mouth,he still need help with washing and getting dressed.

Here are lovely pictures of him..

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