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A sculpture of black lives matter protester replaces a slave trader statue in the UK

The 'black lives matter protest' made headlines last month and got the whole net busy and many people reacting and commenting. As a result of the protest, the 17th century statue of Edward Colston was destroyed and thrown into the river. The work is officially titled "A surge of power(Jen Reid) 2020)". However, it is intended to be temporal, the artist however new it known that he did not receive any permission from authorities to erect the statue, should the art work be sold, it's proceeds will be donated to two charities as decided by Reid.

The city now has an entirely new statue and figure which is being celebrated on the once-empty plinth.

From what was seen in the picture, it's a statue depicting a woman with her fist raised in Black Power salute at the exact position where 'Colston' once stood.

The original bronze statue had stood in Bristol's city center since 1895, but had become increasingly controversial due to Colston's role in the Atlantic slave trade. The sculpture faced petitions calling for its removal before.

The art work was based on a photograph of 'Jen Reid', a Bristol resident.

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Source: CNN

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