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How To Repair A Corrupted Memory Card

A memory card is a data storage device that is inserted into any electronic appliance, used for documenting information digitally, these information are saved inside the flash memory.

Memory cards are generally used in compact electronic appliances, such as mobile phones, electronic keyboards, digital cameras, tablets, computers, video game consoles, digital pianos, and mobile media players.

This Are The Reasons Why Your Memory Card Gets Corrupted:

When you expose it to sunlight.

When you expose it to dust.

If you remove it from the phone or computer without firstly ejecting it from the phone, or computer system.

If it is not an original memory card.

How to fix your memory card after it is corrupted:

There are two ways you can fix a damaged memory card.

Firstly, reformat the memory card on a computer system.

Secondly, if it tells you that you can't format, then get these two things. A toothpaste, and a blade.

Apply a small toothpaste on the golden-colored part of the memory card and clean it off with a clean micro-fiber cloth.

Use the blade to gently scratch the golden-colored part and ensure it doesn't scratch the black potion. Then clean it with a microfiber cloth, insert the memory card into the mobile phone, and format it.

However, if all these methods do not work on the memory card, that means it is damaged beyond fixing.

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